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Residential & Commercial

Conference room with infra red motion detected led recessed lights which are also fully dimmable. Installed 70" T.V with conference wiring. Recessed, two pop up outlet/data boxes in granite table.

Upgraded a commercial space stepdown transformer to 75 kv. Installed 4 new 40 space 200Amp panels.

Replaced four 48" paddle fans with one 25' BAS industrial fan for an office space airplane hanger. Fan was wired for 3 phase 208v with LV remote control box. Designed for energy efficient purposes and to move large amounts of air. Smaller and larger sizes are available as well.

We have the tools to quickly find shorts and fire hazards. This picture was the outcome of careless wiring. We find examples of this on a weekly basis.

Before and after of a 2oo Amp panel upgrade. All branch circuit wires have been neatly re routed into top of box. Also, a whole home surge suppression unit has been installed to protect all the homes electronics.

Changed homeowners outdoor incadescent and halogen flood lights to energy efficiend led fixtures.

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